What To Know About Bookkeeping For HOAs

What To Know About Bookkeeping For HOAs

hoa bookkeeping services

You’ll also see expenses such as utility bills, vendor payments, and maintenance costs. You can also use this financial document to compare the HOA’s income and expenses for a given period. However, as many HOAs lack accounting and finance experience, it can be a struggle to deal with bookkeeping tasks and responsibilities. This can result in financial mistakes that could harm your community. If you need help in this area, it might be time to consider a HOA bookkeeping service.

  • Therefore, you may not be able to push through with any pending legal cases with the homeowner or collect past due balances.
  • Many associations turn to expensive management companies to help shoulder some of this load.
  • Bookkeeping is the specialized practice of organizing, classifying, and maintaining financial records.
  • We support multiple users, including dual signature and payment tracking.
  • It gives you a complete look at your HOA’s net worth, including how much money you have in your bank account.

Many associations turn to expensive management companies to help shoulder some of this load. Outsourcing HOA bookkeeping services to PayHOA can be a game changer for a self-managed HOA. Russell’s company helped our community with the monthly accounting tasks and financial reporting which allowed us to self-manage with more accurate and timely data. Plus we were relieved to hand over the collection of monthly charges, special assessments and collection of arrears from fellow owners. Annual audits help keep your HOA on track and provide a layer of accountability.

Consider an HOA Bookkeeping Service for a Happy, Financially Stable Community

The Accounts Receivable is a statement that lists all the money owed to the association. The members say that HOA Accounting Services is a tremendous improvement over financial services from management companies. Accounts payable is the next item to understand when you’re learning how to take care of HOA bookkeeping.

  • Using this method, no such account titles like Assessments Receivable or Accounts Payable appear on your financial statements.
  • A separate, unbiased set of eyes viewing your finances daily can catch issues immediately.
  • They will be able to choose the tools and strategies that are perfectly suited for your HOA’s financial needs.
  • When accounting for HOAs is overlooked, the association can risk being in poor fiscal health, which will impact operations.
  • You can’t beat the quality of accounting services or the affordable prices offered by Homeowner Association Accounting Services!
  • Box Address and we will handle the rest so you and your team can focus on construction.

This refers to any unpaid expenses for the association, such as invoices for repair work, utility bills and municipal fees. Accounts payable reporting keeps the HOA aware of every expense that needs to be paid in the current month. Contact us today to set up an exploratory call with our Accounting Department and retake control of your finances, maintain your association’s stability, and free your volunteers’ time.


Whether you are self-managed or considering self-management for your condo community or homeowners’ association you don’t have to go it alone. Besides finding a solid volunteer Treasurer you can use a full service management… We are also CACM Certified and are able to provide guidance to your association if the need arises and offer comprehensive management services. HOA Accounting Services is pleased to offer a new payment processing center online.

Therefore, you may not be able to push through with any pending legal cases with the homeowner or collect past due balances. One of the best homeowners association accounting rules to adopt is to exercise internal controls. That means not letting a single person have control over every financial department. Ideally, the person who writes the association’s checks should be different from the person handling receivables. Condo communities and homeowners’ associations are typically set up as non-profit corporations. Just like for-profit corporations they have monthly income and expenses.

Download our Articles on How to Start Self Managing &/or How to Avoid Fraud at your Community

Therefore, you should practice proper accounting and financial management to ensure your HOA remains in good financial condition. One of the more challenging parts of running an HOA is the financial side of things. Henderson Association Management can assist with a comprehensive accounting service.

hoa bookkeeping services

We have set out to design our community accounting service to make the entire life… I have received several comments from Homeowners as to the quality and timeliness of your team’s responses and they all have been so positive. It is so nice to have a truly professional approach to the financial end of our Association. CSM hoa accounting provides every HOA board with a dedicated manager that understands every facet of your association. Our Community Support department is ready and able to help homeowners who can contact us via the web, email, or telephone. CSM provides HOA accounting and back-office support to hundreds of associations across the country.

And, if you have any experience with HOAs at all, you’d know that homeowners hate having to pay special assessments on top of their monthly dues. A homeowners association functions in very much the same way as any business organization. Though it doesn’t exist to earn a profit, an HOA does earn revenue and incur expenses, as well. The HOA board has a responsibility to protect the association’s assets and manage its finances.

General ledgers can take many forms depending on the accounting software you’re using, but they all have the same basic features. When a homeowner declares bankruptcy, the first https://www.bookstime.com/articles/what-is-a-sales-invoice thing your HOA board should do is check with your attorney or management company. Keep in mind that there are certain bankruptcy laws that protect bankrupt homeowners.

Bookkeeping for HOAs presents different challenges because it involves multiple people and shared interests. Understand their situation and never reveal the status of their financial health to other homeowners in the community. It’s also not recommended to restrict their access to amenities or shut off their utilities during a trying period in their life. There’s no shame in asking for help, especially when it comes to a subject as difficult and confusing as accounting. Many HOA management companies offer accounting and other financial services as part of a package deal. Poor HOA financial management can lead to a number of possible consequences both for the HOA and its board.

We provide clear and timely information to the directors and managing agents to manage the accounts receivable of the association. Courtesy statements are provided notifying owners of their account balance and due date of their assessments. Owners are able to see their account online and pay via echeck or credit card. The association cannot operate without prompt payment of their assessments by the homeowners, so delinquent assessments must be addressed and collection efforts made. Entrusting an HOA management company with your bookkeeping and accounting comes with many benefits. Additionally, opting for professional HOA accounting services, you can keep track of your money on a regular basis, decreasing or eliminating any financial difficulties or errors.

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